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Effortless Elegance: A Guide to Spotless PVC Patio Furniture

PVC patio furniture is lightweight and affordable. Bird droppings, dirt, and other debris can unfortunately get on plastic chairs and tables that people have left outside in the elements.

For those outdoor barbecues, we’ll show you how to clean PVC patio furniture in a few easy steps. 

Decorating your yard with plastic furniture is a great way to save money. Plus personalize your outdoor space at the same time.

It is easier to clean PVC patio furniture than metal or wicker furniture. But it needs different cleaning solutions.

Abrasives like steel wool and harsh cleaners can damage plastic outdoor furniture. So you must clean it with care. 

When it comes to outdoor use, plastic or resin furniture has its advantages and disadvantages.

White plastic patio chairs and tables are especially difficult to clean. Especially if they have been stained by pine pollen, old bird poop, or other natural materials. 

During home improvement projects and as part of your annual spring cleaning. You might want to think about cleaning PVC lawn chairs.

We’ll show you how to get tough stains, mildew, and grime off of plastic patio furniture with baking soda, dishwashing soap, and white vinegar.

Homemade deck solution to clean PVC Patio Furniture

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Use a homemade deck cleaning solution to remove the grime that has accumulated on the deck while the furniture is off the deck.

You can use bleach and a little elbow grease to remove dirt, debris, and dried stains from PVC patio furniture. When it comes to cleaning white PVC patio furniture, bleach works well.


Add the bleach to a bucket that has been filled with hot water. Dunk the brush in the cleaning solution while wearing rubber gloves. 

Use circular motions to scrub the furniture, beginning at the top and working your way down.

Before rinsing the plastic with clean water from a garden hose, let the bleach solution sit on it for a few minutes. Allow the furniture to air dry in the sun.

Cleaner for Plastic Furniture Made from White Vinegar


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White vinegar is an excellent to clean PVC patio furniture. Acidity facilitates the cleanup process by breaking up the buildup of dried food, bird droppings, and other sticky residue.

Vinegar can clean both teak patio furniture and plastic furniture.

Particularly tough stains may must extra treatment with this solution or one with more aggressive ingredients.


Fill a bucket with water, and add the white vinegar. Then stir to combine for the best outdoor furniture cleaner. 

Clean PVC patio furniture by dipping a soft brush into the cleaner and scrubbing off the hardest stains first.

Move on to cleaning the remaining furniture. Put the chairs and table in the sun to dry or wipe them with a dry cloth after rinsing them with clean water. 

If there are stubborn stains that won’t come off. You may need to treat them again or use a different cleaner for cleaning.

Dishwashing soap to clean PVC Patio Furniture

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Using Dishwashing Soap to Clean PVC Patio Furniture. If your patio furniture has never been cleaned before or is very dirty from the elements. You should use a cleaner that has a stronger effect.

Using a little dish soap and bleach, you can clean plastic outdoor furniture in the following manner.


To deep-clean wicker furniture or clean PVC patio furniture. Add vinegar and dish soap to a gallon of water in a bucket. Mix the solution thoroughly by swishing it around.

Dunk a sponge in the soapy water while wearing rubber gloves. Use the wet sponge to scrub the wicker or plastic in a circular motion to loosen the dirt.

As you clean, begin at the top and work your way down, making sure to get into all of the furniture’s crevices. 

For difficult-to-reach areas, an old toothbrush can be helpful. Dry the furniture using a soft cloth once you have rinsed it with clean water.

Before staining or painting, the best way to clean wood furniture is with dish soap. It gets rid of all kinds of dirt.

Cleaning Plastic Patio Furniture With Laundry Detergent 

Plastic bottle of detergent

Both plastic lawn furniture and teak furniture can be effectively cleaned with laundry detergent. 

You can also use this recipe to clean the siding on your own, and any liquid detergent will work.

DIY PVC Patio Furniture Cleaner: 

In a Bucket, combine water and liquid dish soap to clean vinyl strap patio furniture. 

Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Otherwise, clean the PVC patio furniture directly from the bucket for easier application.

Scrub the furniture in circular motions to remove dirt and stains by dousing the scrub brush in the cleaning solution or spraying it on.

Before using a garden hose remove any remaining dirt and grime from tough stains. Let the solution sit for a few minutes. 

Allow the furniture to air dry by placing it in the sun.

Baking soda can be used to clean PVC patio furniture. 

Because plastic is prone to get scratched. You shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners to get rid of tough stains. 

Baking soda is a mild abrasive that reacts with water to form an alkaline solution. It naturally removes grime and dirt without scratching the plastic.

Spray the plastic surface of patio furniture with a garden hose. Now, sprinkle baking soda on top for extra cleaning power in heavily stained areas. 

Work the baking soda and water into the plastic with a soft sponge in circular motions to loosen the grime.

Before using a hose to remove the entire residue, let the mixture sit for a few minutes. The furniture can be dried in the sun or with a soft cloth.

Use magic eraser 

Use a Magic Eraser to remove stains and clean PVC patio furniture. Stains that haven’t been removed by a standard cleaner. 

You can also remove spray paint from plastic with a Magic Eraser. That too without harming the paint or rusting the metal underneath.


First, use a garden hose to spray all the plastic Patio furniture. Then, moisten a Magic Eraser with warm water. 

Continue circularly scrubbing the stained areas with the eraser until the stains are gone. After rinsing the furniture clean of any residue, use a towel to dry it.

Additionally, price or care stickers can be removed from plastic with the help of a Magic Eraser. A solution of soap and water can sometimes work as well.


 "Conclusion" Word Formed From Lettered Yellow Tiles

Once you are familiar with the appropriate cleaning supplies and methods. Maintaining your PVC Patio furniture will be a breeze. 

Make a cleaner with some dish soap and warm water instead of spray paint to cover stains on your outdoor furniture.

White vinegar and baking soda have the power to get rid of mildew stains, and bleach can be used to gently scrub away tough stains. Make your lawn furniture look like new by using the right cleaning solution and working hard.

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